2019 Mustang

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Ford Mustang, the inevitable "muscle car"

Some vehicles are more than cars, they are true legends. This is the case of the Ford Mustang, a sports vehicle that has been making history for more than five decades and continues to improve with each new generation. The latest version makes it even more effective, both in terms of dynamism and driving pleasure.

Mustang for all tastes

With the Ford Mustang, all fans are satisfied. The nostalgic can opt for the version Bullitt, offered for a limited time but reminiscent of the film of the same name where the car was starring in one of the most famous scenes of car chase in history. Performance enthusiasts will turn to the GT version and its 5.0-liter V8 engine with its peculiar sound, while the less frenetic sportsmen will be satisfied with the less powerful Ecoboost 4-cylinder version, whose driving pleasure never fails. The summer driving enthusiast will instead turn to one or the other available convertible version.

Thought for the pilot

In front of the driver, the Ford Mustang displays a 12-inch dashboard easily configurable. It can, if necessary, display the driving information or track information, depending on the mode and version chosen. The MyMode function will keep your driving choices for you, and will revive them when you next start. Sport seats, Sync3 system, and Hartman's B & O audio system complete the welcoming interior of the legendary Ford Mustang.

To remember

  • Three engines available
  • Manual or automatic box offered
  • Optional Ecoboost Performance Package
  • Choice of driving modes
  • FordPass Compatibility
  • Sync3 system with Waze integration offered
  • Optional advanced security package
  • TrackApps for performance evaluation
  • Magneride suspensions available
  • Several special versions (Bullit, California, etc.)

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