2020 Ford F-150

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The 2020 Ford F-150, safer than ever

The most popular full-size pickup truck in the country continues to improve. The 2020 version of the Ford F-150 may not have any mechanical modifications, but it comes with a longer list of safety accessories, and new driver assistance technologies. But the F-150 is more than ever the vehicle capable of accompanying you on the toughest tasks, or of being the best companion of the family.

Safety first

For the year 2020, the Ford F-150 adds to its long list of equipment the Ford CoPilot 360 package, a suite of on-board electronic systems intended to assist the driver. The CoPilot brings together the rear view camera, of course, but also the blind spot monitor the lane-keeping assist and the pre-collision assistance with automatic braking assistance in the event of detection of pedestrians or rear traffic. High-end Platinum versions also receive the intelligent cruise control.

Power and capabilities

Under the hood of the Ford F-150 is a variety of engines available that add power and performance, while focusing on fuel economy. While the more powerful versions are capable of towing more than 13,200 pounds - among the most powerful trucks in this category on the market - the other engines offer a wide variety of performance. Thus, we can find 2.7 or 3.5 liter Ecoboost engines, maximizing their power using a turbocharger. We can also opt for a 3.3 liter V6, or for the powerful 5.0 liter V8.

Comfort and technology

Security is good, but technology is better. Especially when this technology is intended to improve comfort and facilitate driving. As a result, the F-150 has optional tow assist technology, which makes trailer control easier for all drivers. The Sync3 multimedia system and FordPass compatibility complete the connectivity of the pickup truck.

To remember

  • 10-speed automatic gearbox
  • Choice of multiple engines
  • 4x4 system available
  • Ford Copilot 360 as standard on certain versions
  • Sync 3 multimedia system
  • Compatibility FordPass
  • Upholstery, choice of leather or fabric
  • Choice of short or extended cab
  • Choice of short or elongated box
  • 13,200 pounds towing capacity
  • Military grade aluminum construction
  • Load capacity of 3720 pounds

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