By Sofia Calafatis, 22-08-2018

She is small, but not that much. Comfortable, of course. And fun to drive. But that could be any Ford Focus. Because it is a Focus Electric, it adds a nervous electric motor and above all, it drives 100% electric.

The electric version of the Focus sedan is by far the smoothest and quietest in the range. The engine, transmission, and fuel tank are gone, replaced by a 107-kilowatt (143-horsepower) electric motor that powers the front wheels. The lithium-ion battery now contains 34 kilowatt-hours of energy, which is enough to achieve a range of 185 kilometers.

Its energy efficiency is estimated at 107 MPGe combined. (Equivalent to miles per gallon, or MPGe, is an efficiency measure that specifies the distance a car travels in relation to the amount of energy contained in 1 gallon of gasoline.)

Like its petrol counterparts, the Focus Electric offers good handling, precise steering and a more rewarding driving experience than most of its competitors.

But still..

All this is fine, but electric cars are still poorly known, and often unloved. That's why these are cars that must be test driven.

In terms of interior space, you will not see any change in the traditional Focus. The seats are comfortable, the equipment is abundant and the Sync3 continues to be one of the most effective multimedia systems on the market.

It is true that the cargo space has been reduced - the batteries have to be placed somewhere - but this does not affect the comfort of the occupants.

As for the electric motor, it avoids maintenance costs, promotes longer life of the brake pads (because the brakes of the car regenerate electricity) and provides a more than surprising acceleration.

All this, by charging, on a level 2 charging station, in less than six hours. And better yet, in 32 minutes, it reaches 80% of its load on fast charging stations.

Economical, fun to drive, all you have to do is test and go down the electric road.

What to expect from the electric Ford Focus
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