With all the virtual, and in some cases real-life, unveilings we have witnessed over the past year, we can undoubtedly say that the year 2021 will be spectacular. Many of the new models presented a few months ago will finally make their debut in dealerships. And they are eagerly awaited. 2021 will be Ford's year!


In 2 or 4 door versions, it has been a hit since its presentation. Online bookings are multiplying, and positive comments are also increasing. We will have to wait until mid-year to see the first real copies since production has been delayed. But we can't wait to see this specimen SUV crisscrossing the trails and roads of Montreal.

Bronco Sport

Smaller than the Bronco, it still shares its silhouette a little. Obviously, it's less willing to tackle the steepest places, but it still has an efficient all-wheel-drive system. And many modern features. Good news, the Bronco Sport is coming to your dealer now.

Mustang Mach E

Sport utility, 100% electric, sporty and dynamic, the Ford Mustang Mach E impresses by its silhouette and its many variations. In 2 or 4 wheel drive versions, with a smaller or more extended range, the vehicle retains the fun and spectacular driving capabilities. Not to mention the ergonomics of the interior, which makes it very modern. A must-have and the future star of the family.

F150 Hybrid

The F-150 underwent a lot of changes in 2021. But it's the hybrid version, called Powerboost, that gets most of the attention. After receiving the Best Green Pickup Truck of the Year award in America for its fuel economy, the hybrid version offers good work capacity. It also adds a ton of new features, including an on-board generator that allows you to plug in tools on the job site.

Plug-in Escape

It was expected earlier, but the difficulties of the year delayed its production. Now the Ford Escape Plug-in will be available early in the year. With its 55-kilometre range and a long list of standard equipment, the Ford Escape PHEV will undoubtedly be a great success.

Ford: what 2021 has in store for us
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